I don’t know about life anymore. Up one day, down the next, go to sleep and wake up to repeat a vicious cycle. Is there such a thing as destiny? Or is that something movies and television like to sell?

Right now, as I type this, my oldest is having a meltdown because I wouldn’t let him climb on the countertop. I was in a good mood this morning until my wife started feeling sorry for herself. I sent her fat ass to the gym.

Last week, she discovered the affair I’ve been having. That was a fun day, I’ll tell you. I may talk more about it in a later post.

Went and got our Christmas tree yesterday. And I have to wonder for what. So it can take up space in the living room? So my boys can fuck with the branches and pull the tree over? My wife always wants to decorate in October, but when it comes time for having a joyous Christmas spirit, it’s like coming face-to-face with the Grinch himself.

Fuck my life!

Christmas hasn’t been the same since I was a kid. That old nostalgia has moved on down the road.

I’m tired of being the subject of my wife’s unhappiness. If I sit apart from her in the living room, I get my ass chewed. If I text a friend of mine, I get my ass chewed because that’s time, energy and attention I could be giving to her. I’ve been conditioned to believe that everything I’m doing is wrong!

Women are attention whores!

A couple of weeks ago, my oldest son was having a bad morning. He can’t verbalize how he feels, so what do you think he’s gonna do to say he doesn’t want to go to school? He’s going to act out physically! My wife, in all her wisdom, tells him not to be a dick!

Really? You’re going to tell an autistic child “don’t be a dick”? I told her she doesn’t need to be saying that sort of stuff to him. He’s autistic! And the response I received was, “I can tell you’re gonna be an ass today!”

See what I mean? Same vicious cycle!

Shaking my god damn head!

Graveyard Night


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