Nothing like a Dirty Joke

One day a funeral director noticed something odd about a woman’s body in the embalming room. He went and got the second director and said, “come quick! There’s a shrimp sticking out of that woman’s pussy!”

The second director could hardly believe it, but he had to see for himself.

“You idiot!” he fumed. “That isn’t a shrimp! That’s a clitoris!”

“Huh,” said the first director. “It sure tastes like shrimp!”

Graveyard Night


2 thoughts on “Nothing like a Dirty Joke

  1. emilioamaro92

    I was fucking my girlfriend in the graveyard when the caretaker interrupted. Man you should’ve seen how pissed he was as he was putting her back in the casket. You know what that look in his eyes said?

    “Even in the afterlife my wife is a cheating whore!”

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