And We Thought People’s Minds Couldn’t Get Any Smaller

So, at the Tony Awards (yet another Hollywood elite self-congratulatory ceremony), Robert De Niro took to the stage and said this:

Really? That’s all you can come up with? Fuck Trump? That’s it? Fuck Trump?

You know, with a guy as intelligent as De Niro is and as wealthy as he is, I would have thought that he could go into a small speech as why he opposes the President, but instead, he went with “fuck Trump”. Way to go, De Niro! With just two words, you are yet another liberal Hollywood elitist that just showed how far into the gutter our society has fallen.

Or, as the Aussies say….good on ya, mate!

We have got to be the laughing stock of the world! I mean, we had a nominee that had to beg to get backing from his own party; even the Koch Brothers wouldn’t back him, and all the other candidates could do was snipe at him-giving him more airtime and room to move around.

And on the other side, we had a candidate that not only stole the nomination from her fellow Democrat, but was under investigation from the FBI!

And we want to tell the world that they need to be more like us?

Granted, De Niro isn’t the first person to have uttered the words “fuck Trump”. The vitriol on Facebook is much the same way. The hardcore, right-leaning conservative and the butt-hurt liberal doesn’t like to admit that they were bested by a man that even the Republicans were against.

Okay, let’s dial it back a bit. Members of both parties were against Donald Trump becoming President, right? Now, these are people that make six-figure salaries a year; the rules that apply to us don’t apply to them. Has anybody stopped and asked the question: why?

For me, I couldn’t stand Hillary Clinton; her screeching voice, her insincerity, her and Bill’s blatant disregard for the Constitution. You know what, the Clinton’s had their time in the spotlight, they had their day in the White House. Why do we bitch and complain that nothing ever changes when we keep electing the same damn people from the same damn two-party system?!

As for Hollywood: I think they are jumping on the anti-Trump train. I have yet to hear a cogent argument from a single one of them as to why they are so vehemently apposed to the President. But it’s a train they will ride out the duration of his Presidency, nonetheless.

I think Kevin Costner said it best in the movie JFK when he said: The truth is the most important value we have. If the truth does not endure, if the government murders truth, then this is not the country I was born in, and it is certainly not the country that I want to die in.

Look, I’m not saying people have to love the man or vote for him. But do it with some tact. Show you have some intelligence. I imagine at the after party, De Niro’s fellow henchmen were coming up to him and were patting him on the back, and with big, stupid and drunken smiles on their faces, they were saying, “good job, Bob! You really told Trump off! Yeah! Fuck Trump!” (Read this mockery while imitating an idiotic sounding voice in your head).

Like Costner’s character, more and moreevery day, this seems to be a country more foreign to me.

And I hang my head for it!



Just A Thought

It isn’t fun being suicidal. And the stress and pressure that comes with it. They say that God doesn’t give you more than what you can handle, but I wonder if that’s true. It isn’t fun feeling sad and lonely when you have people around you; feeling as though your life, despite your triumphs and failures, is a grave disappointment to God.

Mental illness is a bitch!


The World Is Fucking Nuts (And the United States is Part of It)

I’m gonna weigh in on a subject and I’m gonna try and keep it brief. Yet another liberal comedian thinks that using vulgarity is somehow amusing. And before you say it “well, the President has been vulgar”, let’s make one thing clear: this isn’t about the President, it’s about tact, common decency, and a nation rising above its standards.

Samantha Bee called Ivanka Trump a “feckless cunt”. And why? Because she posted a picture of her hugging and kissing her son? Because of her father’s immigration policies? This wasn’t funny or amusing in any sort of way.

Of course, Samantha Bee has apologized. But slandering a child of the President is below the belt. She has as about as much to do with his Presidency as snow has to do with fire. The everlasting annoyance, which is Kathy Griffin has come to Bee’s side. So has the washed up has been and just as annoying, Sally Field.

You know, it’s like, you guys need to get a fucking clue! You want to blame the President for debasing discourse?! You guys are doing it more than he is! You guys are a bunch of fucking hypocrites!

And for the record, Bee is not on my “dislike list” because I support the President, she is on it, because like all liberal comedians, they think they have to use obscene verbal bashing to be funny. Kevin Hart, Dane Cook, Daniel Tosh, Bob Saget, etc., etc. They debase their comedy, believing they have to use a lot of obscenity to be funny. Which, in truth, I have yet to see a single stand-up routine of theirs where they generate side-splitting laughter.

In short: they aren’t funny! Come to think of it, I don’t even like Ron White all that often. Sure, he kept his act relatively clean for the Blue Collar tour, but his stand-alone shit is filthy.

You know, we go out into the world and we tell them, “you should be more like us!” Sure! We have a system just as corrupt as a dictatorship and a society just as rancid as a hobo’s ass!

But I guess that since we have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights, we think we have that luxury.