Its a barren wasteland out here.  You can see for miles.  Something that resembles a coyote scampers off in the distance with a three-day dead rag in it’s mouth.  Vultures call behind me.  I wonder if they are coming for me.

I don’t give a fuck!

I am mired in my own self pity; a feeling that I will never go anyplace in my life.  It is exhausting living your life from one paycheck to another.  Old Man Poverty creeping in.

People say that I should go back to school.  I fear that will add even more frustrations to my already complicated life.  I am not confident that I will pass the classes and I am not confident that my wife will be my rock and support system.

I miss the solitude of the guard shack!  I miss the original Grave Yard.  Am I still Graveyard Night even if I am no longer a nightowl?

I should care more about money, school and life in general.  But right now: I don’t give a fuck!

Graveyard Night


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