Have you ever had a day that wasn’t turning out quite right?  Problems at home?  Financial difficulties?  Perhaps the spouse is bitching you up one side and down the other?

So, you plug in the ear buds, crank up some music; hoping to drown your sorrows in sweet, musical bliss.  However, that song, that artist, doesn’t suffice.  Another singer and another song.  And before you know it, you’ve run through your whole fucking playlist!

Before long, you are left to silence and the static of your own thoughts.

That has been my problem for the last several days.

Today hasn’t started out well for the wife and I.  Thank God I have to work today.  Why do women not let an arguement die?  The man walks away to gather his thoughts and temper his anger, and the wife follows-if for any other reason, than to continue the arguement.  She wants an answer.  The glory and adulation of having the last word. 

Women, have you ever wondered why your man doesn’t open up to you or expresses his feeling?  When men are angry or upset, we don’t want to talk about it.  We don’t want a woman to psychoanalyze our emotions.  If we are left alone to brood and stew on our emotions, we would rather be left alone.  We aren’t like women where we sit and wait for the man to figure it out.  

Besides that, men are not geared and hardwired to express what we are feeling.  What does that mean, anyway?  What we are feeling.

Honey, I am in a bad mood today.  Steer clear.  Fair warning! 

We don’t express our feelings because we know that women have a fantastic way of turning our emotions against us.  I will give you a good example.

My sister is a nice looking woman and her husband is a chick magnet.  So, down through the years, my sister has grown just a tad bit insecure.  In times that I have been to their house when she has “picked on” her husband about these women, I know an arguement is coming, and it would be best if I made myself scarce.  He would have enough and say something to her in retaliation, she would get pissed at him (despite the fact that she started it and wanted to “pick” and all my brother-in-law wanted to do is let the subject die).

I use to like to read.  But not now.  I could read a 2,000 page novel from beginning to end.  But not now.  Whether it was ficiton or non-fiction, as soon as I would sit down to read, a guilt trip immediately followed.

I wasn’t sitting with her.  I wasn’t talking to her.  I wasn’t spending “quality time” with her.  (Insert nagging, mocking voice when you read this) 

But it was okay for her to sit and read a book, no problem.  Guilt free!

Did I mention that men don’t express themselves to women because women have a fantastic way of turning a man’s emotions around on them?

A woman cannot be made happy.  Oh, happiness comes every once in a while, but as soon as that happiness comes, it goes right out the door just as quick.  Don’t feel indignant when you read this.  It’s the truth.

Another thing before I go.  Men don’t like telling their women when we are in a bad mood, because doing that begets a question.  And that question begets another.  Soon, we are having a conversation we never wanted to have.

I would tell you that marriage is a great and wonderous institution, but that would be a lie.  If marriage is an institution, then where in fuck is my medication?!

-Graveyard Night


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