There was a time
When I could go days
Without thinking of you
To me, you were almost like
A distant memory
A shadowy figure in my mind
Seeing you the other day
Your big blue eyes
Your easy smile and brown, curly hair
There is no way I can escape you
The sound of your voice
And the way that you laugh

I still recall
The sound of your moans in my ear
Your nails digging into my skin
As my fingers played between your legs
The sight of you bent over before me
Feeling your soft, warm skin against me
Sliding into you
Hearing obscenities and profanity
And then, just like that
It was over

You stole a piece of me
A piece I will never get back
I can hear you in the darkness
Your laugh, your voice
Even the way you said my name
They haunt me
Your lips from across a great chasm
Beckon me

I hear footsteps and dwindling laughter
And like the memory of my father
You leave me all alone
I hear nothing but silence
When I was with you
I felt like the carefree person
I had never been

Tell me, Erin
When will I get that feeling again

-Graveyard Night


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