About two or three weeks ago, a woman at work, whom I had recently accepted a friend request on Facebook from, messaged me a simple “hey”.  I didn’t see this message until a couple of days later.  The next day, she messaged me and asked if I was working.

I didn’t see the messages until the following Monday.

To make a long story short, she told me that she has a crush on me.  I am ten or eleven years older than her.  Compared to her, I feel as though that I have already lived life.

After asking a fellow coworker about her, I learned that she is ‘crazy’?  Perhaps, crazy isn’t the right word for it.  Clingy?  Obsessive?  Gets attached real easy?

Anyway, we haven’t done anything sexual, and when we do talk face-to-face, we are always more than an arms length away.  I was also told by this other coworker that this woman believes I will leave my for her.  Truth be told, the only thing that keeps me here is my kids.

The situation is already complicated enough and I can imagine how me telling her that I have thought of kissing her, fucking her, or sucking on her toes (she has pics of her feet up on her Facebook page of a tattoo she got, and I must say, they are pretty nice) would further complicate matters.

For a stretch of a few days, I went without responding to her messages.  Then I saw her at work; saw her sweet, easy smile.  And every time I endeavor to not message her when she doesn’t message me, I see a post by her on Facebook.  I click on her profile and I am sucked back in.

And all because of that sweet, easy smile.

-Graveyard Night


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